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On the one hand, the booming growth of craft beer is great for the industry. The more people that make great beer, the more people that drink great beer. But there's another side to it, one that brewery owners feel more acutely than everyone else -- with so many options in front of consumers, it's nearly impossible to stand out. So how do you differentiate yourself? 

We dig deep into who our clients are and what makes them unique. We write strategies. We test them. We re-write strategies. We test those too. And then we work with some of Chicago's best graphic designers, web developers, photographers, videographers, copywriters and more to bring it all to life. So whether you’re a startup, or just cracked the 100,000 barrel mark, we can help you tell the stories behind your beer, your people, and your business.


Matt Tanaka

Matt Tanaka 

Founder & Creative Director

Matt Tanaka lives in Chicago with his wife Laura and the world's laziest bulldog, Bento. He's a writer and brand  strategist working in the craft beer industry and a believer in the ability of digital tools to connect brands with their audiences.

In addition to running Matt Tanaka Marketing, he is the founder of the beer industry blog, Working For Beer, a collection of stories and interviews about what it's really like to work in the beer industry, and is a member of the advisory boards of the Chicago Brewseum and the College of DuPage Business of Craft Beer Program, and a founding partner of the Hoyne Collective.