We help distributors create marketing strategies for the craft breweries on their portfolio. And while we're at it, give the wholesaler a brand identity of its own.

As your craft brewery portfolio expands you've found yourself with a new problem: how do you help small breweries, most without marketing departments, promote themselves in your territory? After all, you're a sales organization. We can help. Matt Tanaka Marketing helps wholesalers across the country design and implement marketing strategies for the breweries on their portfolio.

Marketing Strategy

We'll write and implement marketing strategies for a handful of key breweries on your portfolio. First, we identify key events, important sponsorship's, target retailers and small-business partnerships, and then we become your mini marketing department -- focused primarily on those breweries that require the most of you. We'll plan and promote those key events, arrange the important sponsorship's, sell in marketing programs to your target retailers and create small-business partnerships on behalf of your brands. 


Logo & Website Design

As the marketplace gets more and more competitive, a strong visual identity becomes more and more crucial. This is just as true for the wholesaler as it is for the breweries you represent. 

We'll help strengthen your brand with a complete identity overhaul: logo design, web design, photography and more so that your brand looks as polished and put together as your portfolio does.