Thoughtful design, carefully chosen words, and obsessive strategies. 

(and oxford commas)

Logo & Identity Design

A good logo is more than just a pretty graphic -- it's a representation of the soul of your brand. It's at the very center of everything you touche. We help get down to the deepest parts of that brand and build a logo set that truly speaks to who you are as a brewery, distributor or festival. 

  • Logo Design
  • Brand Direction
  • Identity Design


We're obsessive about packaging. And why wouldn't we be? The first connection most beer drinkers make to a brewery is through the bottles, cans, and six packs they see on the shelves. It better be attention grabbing while properly representing the beer inside.

  • Bottle Labels
  • Six Pack Carriers
  • Case Design


Whether it's a simple "coming soon" page or a complex portfolio site, we build websites for breweries that start with one very important question: how will beer drinkers actually use this thing? From there we build a page that embodies who you are and speaks to your audience. We build websites that reflect your personality, tell your story, and help get your beer into people’s hands.

Want us to write strong and compelling words for that website? We do that too.

  • Web Design
  • Web Copywriting
  • Landing Pages


We’re firm believers in the power of good design. That’s why we work with some the best graphic designers in the city to create everything from stunning packaging to event graphics to full logo, branding and identity work.

We combine strategy with visuals so you’re not just getting a poster -- you’re getting an event poster targeted at Chicago’s competitive video game scene with an animated GIF of your brewmaster carrying kegs through Krupa’s castle.

  • Brewery Branding/Identity
  • Beer Packaging
  • Event Poster Design
  • Web Banners
  • Merchandise Design

Website Copywriting

While a well-designed website is crucial for success, it's only half of the equation. The words on that website require just as much attention. They're the voice of your brewery and in most cases, they're the first and only interaction a beer drinker might have with you. We want to make sure those words count.

After a deep dive study into your brand, your beer, and your personality, we will write the content that will appear on your website in a way that accomplishes two goals: 1.) It captures the spirit of your business. 2.) It captures the attention of your visitors

  • Brand Study
  • Voice Guide
  • Website Copywriting


We do more than just tap takeovers. We build unique, compelling experiences that beer drinkers will remember, and then get people out to those events.

We'll use anything in our tool belt to make this happen. We'll build landing pages on your website, write copy and content, and connect with bloggers, writers and event partners for promotion.

  • New Beer Launches
  • Market Expansions

Event & Portrait Photography

Whether you need shots of your bottles and cans, lifestyle photos of your merchandise or coverage of an event, we'll help create images to represent the culture behind your beer. 


Social media is one of those things that works best when it looks easy. In reality, good social media requires careful planning, long-term strategy, and a ton of leg work. But it's also an incredibly powerful tool with the potential to bring brands and their consumers into direct conversation. We can design a strategy, build a promotional calendar, grow your audience, and advise your team on how best to use social media to connect with your audience.

  • Twitter Strategy
  • Instagram Strategy
  • Email Marketing Strategy
  • Content Calendars & Training

Brand Strategy

A brand is a difficult thing to define. At its heart, it's the thing that makes your brewery, your distributor, your shop well, you. We help get to the heart of who you are, what makes you unique and then deliver a strategy that helps you communicate that through design, photography, web design, events, and everything that you do. 


Content Marketing is the art of creating videos, blog posts, infographics, product descriptions and other content that gives readers something of value and in turn, exposes them to your brewery. We use our SEO expertise to produce content that gets visitors to your website, and makes lasting fans once they’re there.

  • Website Copy
  • Product Photography
  • Videography 
  • Blog Writing

Summary of SErvices


+ Craft Beer Design
+ Brewery Logo Design
+ Beer Label Design
+ Brewery Branding & Identity
+ Event Poster Design
+ Merchandise & Wearables Design

+ Brewery Website Design
+ Squarespace Design
+ Website Copywriting
+ Social Media Strategy
+ Email Marketing Strategy
+ Brand Strategy

+ Beer Photography
+ Brewery Photography
+ Event Photography
+ Blog Writing
+ Videography


A Special Note For Distributors

We help distributors create marketing strategies for the craft breweries on their portfolio. And while we're at it, give the wholesaler a brand identity of its own. 

As your craft brewery portfolio expands you've found yourself with a new problem: how do you help small breweries, most without marketing departments, promote themselves in your territory? After all, you're a sales organization. We can help. Matt Tanaka Marketing helps wholesalers across the country design and implement marketing strategies for the breweries on their portfolio.


We'll write and implement marketing strategies for a handful of key breweries on your portfolio. First, we identify key events, important sponsorship's, target retailers and small-business partnerships, and then we become your mini marketing department -- focused primarily on those breweries that require the most of you. We'll plan and promote those key events, arrange the important sponsorship's, sell in marketing programs to your target retailers and create small-business partnerships on behalf of your brands. 


As the marketplace gets more and more competitive, a strong visual identity becomes more and more crucial. This is just as true for the wholesaler as it is for the breweries you represent. 

We'll help strengthen your brand with a complete identity overhaul: logo design, web design, photography and more so that your brand looks as polished and put together as your portfolio does.