We set out to plan a beer dinner as atypical as our host's beer...

To showcase Upland's line of high-end sour beers in Chicago, we planned a full-service, pop-up restaurant inside an Air BnB apartment on the West Side of Chicago.

We partnered with chef Abra Berens to design a custom five-course meal of locally-sourced ingredients and inspirations, creating a uniquely "Midwestern" culinary experience. Each course was paired with a different Upland sour beer.

When it was time to host the party, we invited Chicago writers, bloggers and social media folk to join in. The goal was to showcase these high-end beers to non-beer writers in an effort to help their audiences think about beer differently. Not as a beverage only to be consumed with nachos and football, but as something that's equally as comfortable at a white table cloth meal, or as a hosts gift at a dinner party. 


Upland Brewing's Sour Beers
What started as a passion project in 2006 has evolved into a highly sought after sour beer program that continues to push boundaries of brewing. Often cited as "the slow food equivalent to the beer world," these beers are truly labors of love. They're complex, high-end beers that take six to 18 months to make, and are more comfortable with a fine meal than in front of a football game.

Abra Berens
Abra Berens is the Executive Chef at Local Foods Chicago and co-founder of Bare Knuckle Farm in Northport, MI. Her food is simple and Midwestern, with a deep respect for the relationship between the land and the people who care for it. She believes that the meals we eat should change with the seasons and that their ingredients should come from nearby. 

The event was a huge (and delicious) success. And, after the plates had been cleaned and the keys returned to the apartment's owner, we partnered with Studio Finch to produce a set of photos and video that captured the essnece of the evening. 

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Project Team
Matt Tanaka
Studio Finch
Abra Berens

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